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General Budget: The General Budget is a weekly offering for the operating expenses of First URC. This includes salaries for pastors and staff as well as Building & Grounds, Church Promotion, and Church Plant funds.

Benevolence: The Deacons use this fund for the aid and financial assistance of our church members as well as members of the local community. Financial assistance is given for the poor, hungry, and homeless.

Missions Support Fund: This a monthly offering that is used by the Evangelism committee for the promotion and support of missionary work and other evangelistic outreach.

Inland C.A.R.E.: Inland C.A.R.E. is a monthly offering that is used by Inland Christian Home retirement facility to help out in the care of residence for those who cannot afford it, as well as the upkeep of the home.

Tuition Assistance Fund (TAF): TAF is a monthly offering that is used by the Tuition Assistance Committee to aid in the financial assistance for members who have children attending Christian day school.

Adopt-A-Student: Every year we offer financial aid to students who are attending seminary. These students are not only learning the Word of God, but are learning to become Pastors and Ministers.

Assure Pregnancy Center: Started in 1989 as Alternate Avenues, Assure provides pregnancy counseling for women with unplanned pregnancies as well as limited medical services, pre-natal care, and adoption referrals.

Bethany Christian Services: Bethany Christian services started in 1944 as a Christian homeless shelter for children. It is now the largest adoption agency in the United States. Bethany provides care for orphans as well as counsel for women with unplanned pregnancies. Bethany is committed to finding Christian homes for thousands of orphans and children every year.

His Nesting Place: Located in Long Beach, His Nesting Place is a refuge home that welcomes pregnant women ages 18 and over who have nowhere to turn. It also takes in homeless mothers and their children.

Operation Rescue: Operation Rescue works to close abortion clinics around the country by using peaceful, legal means to uncover abortion clinic wrong-doing.

Salem Christian Homes: Salem Christian Homes has provided services for adults with developmental disabilities since 1961. It is a non-profit service organization founded and supported by parents and many other interested individuals and organizations. Salem is licensed to provide residential care in group homes and intermediate care facilities for adults with developmental disabilities, primarily those who are mentally handicapped.

Ontario Christian Schools (OCS): Located in Ontario, CA. OCS is a Christian day school offering college-preparatory, Biblically-based curriculum for preschool through 12th grades.

Providence Christian College (PCC): Located in Pasadena, CA. PCC is one of the only undergraduate schools on the west coast to provide a confessionally Reformed Christian liberal arts education.

International Theological Education Ministries (ITEM): ITEM is a theological training organization in the Ukraine and Russia. Their work includes the securing of prayer, labor, resources, and finances for the instruction and discipleship of God’s people by means of education facilities, seminaries, and institutions for theological preparation.

Miami INTernational Seminary (MINTS): MINTS is a Reformed mission organization that uses higher education as its primary tool toward fulfilling the vision of the Great Commission. They train and equip international believers to develop one another in a duplicable format, with little or no cost. MINTS started with 30 Miami students in 2001 and has grown to over 4000 students all over the world today.

Mid-America Reformed Seminary (MARS): Located in Indiana, near Chicago, Mid-America is a reformed Seminary. Their mission is to prepare Pastors as faithful servants of the Word and sacraments in the heritage of Reformed and Presbyterian Churches.

Westminster Seminary California (WSC): Located in Escondido, CA. WSC prepares leaders for ministry, developing graduates with a depth of understanding of God's Word and a heartfelt desire to use that knowledge in God's service.

Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior (GEMS): GEMS is a local girls club offered at First URC that focuses on ages 8-15. Girls work on badge activities, crafts, and service projects while developing a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ, applying the Bible to their lives, and cultivating important life skills.

Cadets: Cadets is a local boys club offered at First URC that focuses on ages 6-15. Boys work on merit badges, projects, and develop outdoor skills while fostering a living relationship with Jesus Christ, stewardship, and a servant’s attitude.

Faith Core: Faith Core is a group of middle school age kids who meet weekly after school. Their activities include local outreach and spending time in the Word.

Sharing His Irresistible Everlasting Love Daily (SHIELD): SHIELD is a group of high school age kids who meet twice per month on Sunday nights. They spend time doing local and international outreach, studying the Bible, and preparing themselves for the life ahead.

Reformed Youth Services (RYS): RYS offers young people from junior high to age 30 opportunities to grow in their faith and glorify the Lord. Some of these events include junior high retreats, regional high school retreats, an international high school convention, a STEP evangelism program, post-high retreats and conferences, and topical lesson material.

Reformed Mission Services (RMS): RMS is a youth ministry organization that is committed to the spiritual growth of our covenant youth through God-centered mission opportunities. Their goal is to encourage mission-minded individuals, resulting in greater support of mission efforts and missionaries by our churches.

Bible League International: Bible League offers the hope of God’s Word, sharing Bibles, and Bible-based study and training tools with those in need of salvation, working with churches in more than 50 countries.

Crossroads Bible Institute: Crossroads Bible Institute has been working since 1984 to provide those who are incarcerated in our nation’s prisons with faith-based reentry education, equipping the church to make disciples, and guiding their students into reentry agencies upon their release. In addition, they also use their resources to educate the church on criminal and restorative justice issues.

Food For Life: This ministry helps the less fortunate by working with local churches and schools to set up food drives to distribute food to the needy in our community. Our church, with the help our local Cadet club, hosts a Food For Life food drive once every quarter.

Ligonier Ministries: Founded by theologian Dr. R.C. Sproul, proclaiming God's holiness is central to the ministry's purpose. The ministry produces the Renewing Your Mind radio and television broadcasts, The Reformation Study Bible (ESV), Table talk devotional magazine, and historic reprints through Soli Deo Gloria Publications.

Middle East Reformed Fellowship (MERF): MERF serves in the Middle East on behalf of the Reformed Family of Churches and believers worldwide. It is for those who are committed to proclaim the historic Christian faith as expressed in the early ecumenical creeds and the confessions of the Reformation. MERF utilizes radio broadcasts and circulates Reformed literature in Arabic as means of evangelism in the Middle East.

Word & Deed: Word & Deed is an evangelical and Reformed humanitarian aid organization partnering with Christian churches and organizations in the developing world. Their mission is to improve the lives of needy people both physically and spiritually, with the goal of helping them to become self sufficient.