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Celebrating Over 65 Years of God’s Faithfulness

First URC’s history is a continuing story of God’s covenant faithfulness shown to those who fear his name and honor his word. 

The congregation grew rapidly in the following decades as dairy farmers — most of Dutch descent — migrated from Los Angeles County to the Chino Valley seeking biblically Reformed worship. By 1975, the congregation had swelled to 230 families, and additional educational facilities were built to accommodate a growing church.

Not long after the winds of city development blew dairy farmers into the Chino Valley, however, urban sprawl drove them out again. Dairy relocation in the 1980s–2000s resulted in a steady drop in membership. But the Lord remained faithful to preserve his church, and First URC quickly began to look more like the diverse community in which God had planted it.

More than 65 years after its organization, First URC remains faithful to the ordinary and essential means that God promises to bless and prosper: the faithful preaching and teaching of God’s word, biblical and reverent worship, authentic pastoral care, Christian education, and zealous evangelism. God has prospered these commitments and has made our congregation a growing, diverse, and vibrant fellowship of Christians devoted to God and his word. We praise him for his faithfulness and look forward with anticipation to continued growth — spiritually, numerically, and ethnically — to the glory of Christ.

Our Senior Pastors