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Dear Congregation,

As a way to take some action steps the Consistory is asking that members please if able get involved and send letters to some of the Legislature members in our state and area.

A sample letter to Governor Gavin Newsom is included below.  Hand written letters are the best, but typing is OK, along with calling.  Governor Newsom is the most important.  Please call and write if possible.  Both Curt Hagman and Mike Morrell are friends of the church, and support churches opening.


The Consistory

Sample letter

Dear Gov. Gavin Newsom

I'm a member of 1st United Reformed Church, in Chino, CA.   

I want to request of you that you allow our churches to be moved from Phase 3 to Phase 2.   As a church we have established strict guidelines and would follow them.

We are definitely an essential part of our Community.  We feed those in need, minister to the needy, and we support those with special needs.  Our church is eagerly waiting for your approval to open up.   We ask you to carefully consider our request, and allow churches to open up during Phase two.  Churches need to be open.

We will continue to keep you and the rest of our leaders in our prayers.

Mail to:

Gov. Gavin Newsom

1303 10th Street  Suite 1173

Sacramento, CA  95814

Phone # 916-445-2841 

San Bernardino County Supervisor:

Mr. Curt Hagman

County Government Center

385 N. Arrowhead Ave.  Fifth Floor

San Bernardino, CA  92415

E-mail:    (Generally he will respond right away).

State Senator Mr. Mike Morrell                   Rancho Cucamonga, office

State Capitol, Room 3056                            10350 Commerce Center Drive   Suite A-220

Sacramento, CA   95814                               Rancho Cucamonga, CA  91730

Phone:  916-651-4023                                  Phone:  909-919-7731

US Congress Woman 

Norma Torres                                                Norma Torres

Washington DC office                                   3200 Inland Empire Blvd.  Suite 200B

2444 Rayburn  HOB                                     Ontario, CA  91764

Washington, DC    20515                             Phone #   909-481- 6474